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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

Any delivery between Slagelse Engineering (hereinafter referred to as SE) & the customer takes place based on these general sales and delivery conditions.

An order is only binding if SE submits a written order confirmation and only on the terms written in the order confirmation. Offers are only binding for the seller for 30 days if this is not stated elsewhere.

An offer is only valid if this is accepted in writing by both parties.


Unless otherwise stated, payment must be made no later than 8 days after delivery.

For consulting services or other longer-term projects, invoices are continuously invoiced in arrears every 14 days.

If the purchase price is not paid on time, counter-rates of +1.5% of the outstanding debt at all times from the due date will be calculated. Payment of default interest does not prevent SE from demanding compensation for the additional loss that the buyer's breach of the payment obligation may cause.

The buyer is obliged to make any payment to SE as if the delivery had taken place at the agreed time, even if the delivery is postponed due to the buyer's circumstances.

The buyer is not entitled to set off or withhold any part of the purchase price due to counterclaims, unless this is acknowledged in writing by SE.

SE reserves the right of ownership to the delivered goods until payment has taken place with the addition of accrued interest and costs.

All stated prices on both price lists and offers are stated in Danish kroner excluding VAT.

Delivery and delay

Exceeding the delivery time by 30 days due to the customer's circumstances is in all respects considered timely delivery, whereby the buyer cannot therefore exercise any rights against SE.

If a delay in delivery is due to SE being prevented from delivering due to a labor dispute, fire, war, shortage of goods, employees, agents, or any other circumstance as well as all cases of force majeure, the delivery will be postponed for the time that the obstacle lasts. This applies regardless of whether the reason for the delay occurs before or after the end of the agreed delivery time.

SE assumes no responsibility or liability for compensation in connection with consequences due to late delivery. However, both parties are entitled to cancel the agreement if the delay exceeds 2 months.

Missing delivery

The buyer must immediately upon delivery carry out an examination of the goods/deliveries from SE. If the buyer wants to claim a defect, the buyer must, immediately after the defect is or should have been discovered, notify SE in writing and state what the defect consists of.

If the buyer does not complain as stated, the buyer cannot later claim the defect.

At SE's choice, defects in the sold item will be remedied or re-delivered at SE's expense within a reasonable time. If this does not happen, the buyer is entitled to cancel the agreement, demand a refusal of the purchase price or demand compensation.

If the buyer has not claimed the defect to SE within 1 month after the delivery date, the buyer cannot claim the defect later.


In the event of default by the buyer, SE is entitled to stop further deliveries and demand compensation according to the general rules of contract law.


SE is only responsible for personal injury caused by the delivered product, if it is documented that the resulting damage is due to negligence on the part of SE and that the equipment has been maintained as described in the documentation.

A compensation claim against SE cannot exceed the invoice amount for the item sold.

SE is not liable for operating loss, loss of profit as a result of delay or defects in the sold item.

SE must without undue delay notify the buyer in writing if force majeure and other conditions occur that are beyond SE's control. For product liability, the rules applicable at all times in Danish law apply.

Consulting services

The services to be delivered are specified in more detail in the agreement between the parties.

The agreement constitutes a list of the services to be delivered. If the customer has special expectations or requirements for the result of the services to be delivered under the agreement, the customer is responsible for these requirements being described in the agreement.

Depending on the scope and nature of the task, SE reserves the right to use external consultants to carry out tasks where SE either does not possess the necessary skills or the required capacity.


SE is the owner of the property rights to all results, documentation, underlying concepts, patent and trademark rights, etc. that is obtained in connection with the execution of projects, unless otherwise stated in the Project Agreement.

All material prepared by SE is protected according to the Copyright and Marketing Act, which is why copying, or otherwise reproducing or reproducing written material or parts thereof, is not permitted, unless this has been agreed in writing with SE.

SE is the owner of the property rights to know-how, techniques and tools that SE employees teach in connection with a consulting task, and is permitted to use these in connection with other consulting tasks.

Choice of law and venue:

The agreement is subject to Danish law. Any disagreement between the parties will be settled by the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen.