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Fully Automatic Machines

What is a Fully Automatic Machine

The biggest benefit from a fully automatic machines is that they reyuire only minimal human interferance and therefore can often have a bigger output than a semi automatic machines.

Our Fully Automatic machines for automation are often tailored to meet out customers needs, and to efficiency, and productivity without any compromises.

Our Experience

We have documented experience in developing and producing assembly machines for Medical devices and electronic components, both Fully Automatic and Semi-Automatic.

Our Custom-made machines are designed to address these unique needs by providing solutions that are tailored to individual customer requirements.

Cost Savings

Like Semi-Automatic Machines, the initial investment can be higher compared to off-the-shelf solutions, but they can provide significant cost savings in the long run.

Fully Automatic Machines can optimize processes, reduce labor costs, minimize waste, and enhance overall efficiency, leading to improved profitability and competitive advantage.


Our machines are be designed to perform the intended tasks accurately and reliably. This involves understanding the desired operations and ensuring that the machine's design, components, and control systems are optimized for those tasks.

Performance often includes considerations of speed and efficiency. The machine should be capable of completing tasks within the required time frame and in a manner that maximizes productivity and minimizes downtime or delays.

Depending on the application, precision and accuracy may be critical. Our machines is capable to perform tasks with a precision of 0,01mm to ensure consistent and accurate results.

Customer Requirements

All our Customers have specific tasks or functions they want the custom machine to perform. It is crucial for us to understand our customers functional requirements in detail, including the desired operations, output specifications, and any specific features or capabilities expected from the new machine supplied by Slagelse Engineering.

Understanding our customer's budgetary constraints and cost expectations is crucial. Balancing performance and functionality with the cost of the machine ensures that it provides value for our customer's investment and meets their financial requirements.

Change over

Change parts are components that allow machines to switch between different packaging formats.
For example, in packaging machinery, change parts may include adjustable guides, chutes, or feeders that are modified to handle various package sizes or configurations.

Format parts may include adjustable fixtures or clamping mechanisms that secure the workpiece or material in a specific position or orientation during processing. These fixtures can be repositioned or modified to accommodate different formats or sizes.

Handling Machine

Assembly machines made by us are special machines designed to automate the assembly process of products or components.

These machines are used in manufacturing industries to efficiently and accurately assemble various parts, reducing manual labor and increasing production throughput. Assembly machines can be custom-made to suit specific assembly requirements or can be standardized machines used for a range of assembly tasks.

Assembly Machines

Our Assembly machines is made to handle customer specific components, for the medico Industry and High-End Audio Industry.
Assembly machines for units containing up to 10 components down to 0,6mm in diameter, including handling, feeding systems, press and force monitoring, and vision systems is often part of our machinery – but special customer requirements can be implemented as well.