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About Slagelse Engineering

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We provide services within the development and manufacture of special machines and equipment.
We strives to always be at the forefront of the latest technology and knowledge, in order to deliver solutions of the right quality and on time
Our staff are dedicated to the task and we take pride in helping customers complete projects in a safe and professional manner by listening to individual customer needs and combining that with our high level of expertise, success is ensured in every single project .


Our vision is to be the preferred partner for customers within the Life Science segment when it comes to the development and manufacture of special machines.
This is achieved by delivering a satisfactory, professional and well-crafted product that ensures our customers the highest imaginable quality - every time!

Established in 2018

Slagelse Engineering was founded by Casper Berg back in 2018.
The first years, the company dealt exclusively with consultancy work for machine builders and end customers in Denmark.
Since then, the company has developed to have a Engineering department and production facilities locally in Slagelse, from where we carry out all our projects right from the comceptual ideass to the final finished product.
All employees in the company have a tradesman's education, with subsequent education as a typical mechanical engineer or similar.


Our customers can be found in various markets, and these customers all have different needs and requirements.

Quality Policy

Our quality policy is that we will at all times strive to deliver the best quality to our customers, which we ensure via our quality management system

Quality Management System (QMS)

At Slagelse Engineering we work according to our quality management system (QMS) which we have developed to meet our customers' demands for quality and how we ensure that our products are always of the expected quality.

Our Quality Management System is activated on all our projects, right from the initial exercises in terms of concept work, to the final project.

The primary objective for our quality system is to establish a framework that promotes a culture of quality and continuous improvement within our organization.

Project model

All our projects are handled with our project model, where we work based on a defined framework that is established from the start of the project.

All stakeholders in projects work according to this framework, which includes everyone from mechanical designers to the Project Manager. At the start of the project, the scope of systematic design reviews (SDR), which are held continuously with the customer, was established.

These reviews are held to ensure that all those interested in the project are constantly informed about the progress of the project, as well as what decisions are made for the design - both from the customer's side, but also from our own.

Finally, the design process ends with a Design Freeze where the design is locked, and we can start sourcing components for the project.