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Custom Solutions

What is a Custom solution

A Custom solution is a customer specific solution.

In some cases our Customers has en old machine that needs to work in sync with an exixting machine, we can helt to implement the nessesary actions or changes, that makes the final solution work as expected.

In some cases the machinery is out of sync, and the machines needs a custom solution to make the overall output stabile. In some cases this can be solved by implementing a buffersystem or another solution to adopt variations in the performance.

Retrofit existing machinery

If existing machiney needs to run new products that was not intented from the beginning, a rebuild is often required to make it posible.

New Formatparts, og changes in the existing can be done by us. Development and fabrication is all done by us.


To determine the efficiency and impact of a new concept, a POC can be used to test and optimize new processes or mechanical design, to prevent faults caused by the new equipment.

A Proof of Concept typically involves creating a prototype or a minimal viable product (MVP) to showcase the core features and functionalities of the concept. It aims to address key technical and operational questions, assess the viability of the solution, and provide insights for further development or investment decisions.

Pilot Project

A pilot project, or pilot study, is a small-scale, preliminary initiative project to test and evaluate the functionality, effectiveness, and potential impact of a new idea, concept, or product before implementing it on a larger scale.

It serves as a trial or prototype to assess the viability and gather data for future decision-making.

We often use these to find the correct solution for our customer.