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Development & Prototyping of special machines

From idea to final product

To a greater extent, we experience inquiries from companies that either have an idea for a product or a machine that they want to have drawn and made ready for production.

The ideas can be in many different stages, where some are simply an idea that needs to be worked on, while others can be a concrete product that needs to be drawn up and matured for production, so that it can be put into final production with a view to sale.

At Slagelse Engineering, we can handle these projects right from the development of the concept to the delivery of the final product together with our partners.

Automation & Robots

Automation is typically the common denominator for the projects to be carried out. It can either be in the form of elements for carrying out transport with linear guides, sensor technology, or motor components, which are either powered by electricity or air.

Robots are really here to stay, and it is clear that automatic machines or plants use robotic technology to a greater extent. Typically, it will be very advantageous to use robots for movements that are the same every time, and where movements in many different directions may be included.

In order to comply with the legislation for safe equipment, there is a necessity to comply with the Machinery Directive and the guidelines required to comply with this - including CE Marking of the machine. We can help with the preparation of this - including user instructions so that the end customer can service and maintain the machine correctly, thereby ensuring many years of service life for the equipment.

Slagelse Engineering Project model for safe implementation of the project

When we enter into cooperation with a customer on a project, it will typically be done by us handling the project in our project model, which systematically describes how we handled a project from start to finish. Both in terms of the first phases of concept development, to the final phases of the project where the technical documentation is handed over to the customer. Throughout the process, we hold systematic design reviews, where the solutions are reviewed and discussed, in order to achieve the best result at the end.

No project is too small, there are customers who need help to draw some simple 3d models, while others have a fully automated project that needs to be developed and made ready for production. Whether you need one or the other, Slagelse Engineering is helpful in getting your project safely to the finish line.

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