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Bustling Industry

Bustling Industry

At the moment there is full speed across the field in Slagelse Engineering, and we are working on a lot of new exciting projects which will hopefully become a reality over the autumn/winter. But we have high ambitions for the future, and we are therefore still trying to get a few new customers in before 2019 ends.

It can be customers such as looking for help with:

There is generally increasing busyness in the industry at the moment - both at manufacturers of steel components, who must quality-assure these in order to meet internal or external requirements, but also at companies that purchase services from outside, which must be quality-assured to ensure the right quality in the product as well as that various requirements are met.

Participation in HI19

There is an Industry Fair in Herning in October, and it is planned that Casper will participate in the fair - Both to revisit old acquaintances, but also to expand the network and knowledge of Slagelse Engineering in general to companies we are not in contact with today.

Slagelse Engineering does not have a stand at the Fair, but will only participate as a visitor for a single day.

Contact with new customers

It can be difficult to be visible when you are a small start-up company, and therefore it is important for us to have the opportunity to constantly expand our network - both with new customers and business partners.

We have no salesperson at Slagelse Engineering who contacts the big companies, but we exclusively find our customers from our existing network, which we have built up through previous jobs. This can present some challenges in making us visible to companies that are looking for consultants with a technical background such as e.g. engineer, mechanical technician or production technologist.

Especially companies that have no relation to us, and therefore do not even know we exist, we may have difficulty finding, but we are working on that.

Likewise when it comes to welding coordination and we would like to get in touch with the smaller forging companies that need an external welding coordinator who we can help meet the requirements of DS/EN 1090 & DS/EN 3834, as well as other welding technical challenges.

We must also have made these forging companies aware that we exist and that the possibility of getting an external welding coordinator is also available to them, both by making us visible online but also by getting the message spread through our network.

/Casper Berg

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