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3DEXPERIENCE - PLM in the Cloud


At Slagelse Engineering, we have complete control over the revision management of our CAD files through our PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) system 3DExperience, which is a cloud-based solution.

By having a cloud-based solution, it is always easy to access your data and you avoid the expense and hassle of having a server running yourself, and all our data is stored securely.

With 3DExperience, we have full traceability of our files through various revisions and we can always go one revision forward or backward. All file names are auto-generated according to a rule that we have set up.

The files will be stored in the cloud in "Collaborate Spaces" at customer level, which corresponds to a folder structure in Windows explorer. We then assign our data a "Bookmark" at project level, so that it is always easy to find data for a specific project number.

Standard components such as bolts, bearings, motors etc. have been given their own folder and are labelled according to supplier and type, so that these can also be easily accessed and reused in new constructions.

Why we use 3DExperience:

Distribution of assignments

We also have the option of delegating tasks to each other, where you can attach files and entire models for review, for example. Here, the recipient, who could be the end customer, among other things, can see the model and easily mark areas and/or write comments on any desired changes in the browser-based platform.

At Slagelse Engineering, we primarily design in Solidworks, but have experience with both Inventor and Creo Parametric. 3DExperience has plugins that talk to, among other things, the above 3D modeling programs, so it is a solution where we can gather all our data.

See the video below for a description of the 3DExperience solution from the manufacturer.

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