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We have a new website

Welcome to our new website.

In order to professionalize our expression and our visibility to the outside world, we have chosen to have a new, attractive website created which can help our customers find information about what our consultants can offer.

We want our customers to be able to find information about what we can help them with by looking at our website, and give the customer the desire to contact us for a chat about what options there are for a possible Cooperation

Overview of what Slagelse Engineering offers

The aim is for the website to give a good overview of what Slagelse Engineering can offer our customers, so that the customer has no doubts about what services they can expect from us when it comes to mechanical consultants.

Since we offer several different services within construction and welding, the idea is that the website should ensure that regardless of whether the customer is looking for a consultant for machine construction, welding coordination or project management, they can always find information on our website about the needs they have.

Welding coordinator on an hourly basis or machine designer for 3d drawing

If a company that produces steel in accordance with DS/EN 1090 lacks a welding coordinator and does not have tasks for a welding coordinator full time, in many cases it will be very good business to use a welding coordinator on an hourly basis. The advantage of this is that they always get an updated welding coordinator and that they only pay for the hours they want to use the welding coordinator. The customer must be able to find this knowledge on the website on the "welding coordination" page

Another company, which produces special machines for the pharmaceutical industry, may need an extra employee for 3-5 months, and in this connection wants to use an external consultant for the task. Both to get a competent and skilled employee, but perhaps it is uncertain how the situation in the company is when the project is finished, and it is therefore not attractive to employ an employee permanently.

It can also be a company that has some welded items produced abroad, which they want to have quality assured according to e.g. DS/EN 1090 and the DS/E 3834 series, but the company does not have an employee with available capacity for the task, or perhaps the company does not have an employee with the skills for the task at all. Here it will be an option to use an external consultant for the task, this will also give the opportunity to account for the expense directly on the project.

In all 3 cases, the idea is that the customer should be able to find information on the website and get an impression of what Slagelse Engineering can help them with, and how our mechanical consultants can help the customer further with their project.

/Casper Berg

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