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Busyness in Slagelse Engineering

We feel busy with our customers, and we experience that customers increasingly demand mechanical consultants - especially within:

In order to be able to bid on the tasks and meet our customers' needs, we want to expand our network of freelance consultants based in Zealand. When our customers have a need, it is important that we are able to meet the need quickly and with the correct profile for the task. Therefore, it is a necessity to have a wide network of consultants to choose from.

The right employee

When our customers have a need, it is typically for a very specific task, and in order to be able to match this need, it is important that we have a wide selection of consultants with different skills to choose from.

The skills we are looking for are:

Even if you do not exactly match these experiences, you are still very welcome to contact us - we may have/get a task that just fits your profile.

Self-driving consultant with experience in machine construction

It is important that you are self-driving when you are out as a mechanical consultant for Slagelse Engineering.

The qualities that characterize our consultants, and that our customers expect to get when they order a mechanical consultant from Slagelse Engineering, are:

Engineer or production technologist with 2-5 years of experience

Whether you are an Engineer, Production Technologist or something else entirely is not decisive.

We would very much like you to have a craft background, with a superstructure such as Engineer or production technologist, as well as a few years of experience with machine construction from similar jobs.
Typically, the customer wants the consultant to sit as an ON-Site consultant locally at the customer's own design studio.

This has several advantages:

Questions can be addressed to Casper at:
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We are looking forward to hear from you!

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