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Our customers can be found in various markets, and these customers all have different needs and requirements.


Machinery for handling, feeding, inspection or assembly of small components is our core business.
When handling small components tolerances and geometries is very important, to avoid defects caused by machine faults. We have experience in handling of components and units down to 0,6mm in diameter and material thickness 0,05mm.

This machinery is very sensitive to variations and requires very precise adjustment an all axess, when the machinery in Run-In and for future calibration.

These adjustments can either be done electronically on the HMI, or manually by using X-Y Stages on the required components.


Handling of components or assembly and components for example injection devices, can be done by our machinery.

We have years of experience in developing custom solution for assembly lines, to meet strict requirements from our customer, to secure nu faults occour in the assembly process.

We have experience in developing machinery for assembly of medical devices, both semi-Automatic, and fully-automatic, and with minimal human intervention, to prevent faults.


Our customers en the Biotech industry have a need for development of custom made equipment.

Mainly equipment for handling and ergonomics, because ergonomics is very importain for our customer, to aviod accidents and poor working environment when mentaining their equipment.

Smart solutions for lifting and handling valves and other heavy equipment, is envented by us to improve the employees daily life.


We have customers in the electronics industry.

Mainly High-End Audio is an important customer for us.

Quality and performance is very important when producing equipment for High-End Audio, Very small components has to be assembled, and we can make the process automated.
The machinery contains feeding systems, to separate the small components before the assembly process start.
After separation, the components is attached to each other, to pressing, soldering, or glueing to secure that they are safely attached and connected correct.
All components can be inspected by vision to reject items that does not meet the requirments – the operator can monitor this on the HMI